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    Hi can anyone advise if they are having problems accessing their FSmail account? Problem started for me yesterday and still cannot access my emails today. Diagnostics say my computer is configured correctly so I assume it is something that Orange have changed. I know they are combined with EE and wonder if there is a different address to get to emails. Would appreciate any advice please. thanks


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    Never had a problem in 8 years (guess I have been lucky up till now). I can't even get on their web site now.

    Lost Email for about 10 days about6ish years ago ,been with them since the begining when I was on dial up 'Freeserve/Dixons'

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    Oh I hope I can get it back just so I can extract what I need. Lesson learned Tried speaking to them for over two hours and contacted the Exec Office but as it is a free based email they are not prepared to help - in a way I don't blame them, but so annoyed with myself for not thinking about them stopping access to it.
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