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    As of late, I've become increasingly aware of first time posters selling their wares on the For Sale/Trade forum. Does anybody else feel that there should be some sort of security procedure put in place to protect buyers? I recently pm'd Admin regarding this but he is obviously busy of late. My suggestion would be some sort of registration process where only pre-approved users were able to sell or trade there. All that would need to be done really is to submit all contact details to a moderator. Possibly also paypal a small one off fee to verify their paypal account (say £1?) Obviously the site gets a very healthy revenue so this fee could possibly be donated to a charity which is chosen in a monthly? poll?
    Does anybody else feel the same or has any other suggestions?


    The problem with 'approved' sellers is that when the deal goes wrong the 'approver' might be held liable.

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    My thought process regarding the pre approved part is simply so all contact details are available in case of a deal going wrong. It isn't to deter a buyer from making their own security precautions. I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of buyers don't bother getting the sellers details.
    I see your point though stora. Obviously terms and conditions would state that the "approver" is not liable for any losses.

    Your ideas are good, especially the charity one. After new year im thinking about starting a charity thread on the fs forum similar to one on another well known site....anyway

    The only problem is that no matter what is done to protect the buyers/sellers, there is always a way around it. Personally i only by off newbies if they post first, which is good for me cos i dont lose out, and the seller gets some good feedback and knows there safe cos i have plenty feedback. Its all really just down to each individual......

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    Yeah true taz. Lately I would only buy from a seller with decent feedback like your good self, but it is a bit unfair on the newbies that are genuinely honest and obviously have to start somewhere. Like I said though, the majority of people don't follow the guidelines to get the sellers contact details. I was just thinking of a way to enforce that they do.

    I only either trade with people with feedback or ask for the item to be sent first, otherwise i dont feel comfortable . its only since alex1982 that ive been so strict tho......i got his contact details, cant really trust them.....i trust verified paypal members more than someone giving their address, as they could easily be lying

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    I agree taz. That's why I was thinking the paypal route as if it's verified then a certain degree of security checks will have taken place by paypal. Not that paypal would actually be helpful themselves in anyway, the money grabbing capitalist dogs that they are.

    the only thing with that is someone will have to manage the paypal account...and i dont think anyone would want that responsibility...

    Great idea! Big responsibility on the admin or whoever holds the details, if they get hacked or whatever then it could risk all our details being stolen.

    The best way to avoid being ripped off is not to enter into any dealings. Even the most careful of people can be caught out :whistling:

    The trouble with what you said about sending a paypal payment to verify your details is that one of my verified paypal addresses (ive got three for buying gifts and paying by paypal so as gifts can be delivered direct), well the problem is one that is an empty house but will not let me remove it for some reason, no matter what I do, so its left dormant it would let me remove the others but not that one! So the point is I have a verified address and contact details registered for that address so am sure any scammers could do the same!

    Approved Sellers!!! Does Rhat Include Route 1
    Thoght I Got A Bargain - On Trainers

    Scabby Box With Ebay Scrawled On It And 2 Different Sizes Im Fuming!!!"!!


    Approved Sellers!!! Does Rhat Include Route 1Thoght I Got A Bargain - On … Approved Sellers!!! Does Rhat Include Route 1Thoght I Got A Bargain - On TrainersScabby Box With Ebay Scrawled On It And 2 Different Sizes Im Fuming!!!"!!

    Are you talking about a sale on HUKD? :thinking:

    The problem I feel with any approved status is that there is always a way around it.

    Maybe the best way is if we encourage more trading like tazandsaz does where the no or small feedback seller has to take the risk and ship/pay first to the high feedback. That's a pretty reasonable arrangement and although it has room for fraud it would cut down on most of it. Also newbie traders could build their rep by trading with high feedback buyers/sellers who they could trust.

    I won't be posting until approved receipt of item anymore, even with high feedback traders.

    that is common practice at av forums where low rater sends to high rated member first
    works very well tooo as ive had people send to me first
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