FT: Nokia 3210 trade for a N95 black

    I have a nokia 3210 almost in brand new condition apart from a little scuff on the back, it has been used for quite a few months. bought from the carphonewarehouse in March sometime, still have the receipt. comes with box, charger, manuals.


    3210 for a N95????????? :thinking:


    seems like a good deal.

    lol wut

    huh am i right in thinking this phone is bout 20 years plus lol didnt relise this was still in shops lol

    nah its a good deal

    lol i reckon youl have to pay extra for someone to take it off your hands!


    3210 for a N95????????? :thinking:

    lmfao! jesus where you live? North Poll? They prob think 3210 over there is groundbreaking technology!

    ill give a n95 8gb if you add £260 on top?

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    it dont seem like anyone has a n95, how about a 8800 sirocco?

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    ill give a n95 8gb if you add £260 on top?

    sorry mate, 3210 for n95 best i can do:thumbsup:

    bless ya

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    I`ll throw in a few sim card to?:whistling:


    sorry mate, 3210 for n95 best i can do:thumbsup:

    you are weird :lol:


    If its got the game Snake, i'm interested


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    If its got the game Snake, i'm interested:prop:

    got any pics of your N95 then matey?:thumbsup:

    are you of this planet ?...wind up

    my spidey sence is tingling

    u joking right

    How about an Iphone 3G?
    That of any interest?

    Is this a joke?


    Wrong forum - should this not be in Misc/Nonsense.

    OP might find it funny, however it's bumping genuine fs/ft items from the font page.
    What colour is it?

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    Yes it is a joke, LMAO

    i enjoyed it....shouldnt have been in here tho lol :thumbsup:

    Oh, its only a joke?

    I had my N95 packed and ready to exchange details


    FS forum is not the place for joke threads.
    It's unfair on the buyers & sellers in other threads as this one will keep bumping to the top.
    Infraction for Levis24
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