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    looking to pur-chase a second hand car in the near future and with fuel prices never going to go lower was wondering if someone could point me in the direction where i might be bale to see info on the fuel consumption for older models?


    somewhere in the review is the fuel consumption ]http//ww…wse…ns/

    Select manufacturer then car and look under performance.

    I am also looking for newish car. Getting very confusiing with all the changes re car tax, insurance bands and now even more important, performance. Brain is hurting....

    ive just ditched my car for a motorbike, seems the way to go with the 'ever-increasing' cost of fuel. £20 a week all i pay



    I've got loads of old cars, vans etc but am using a micra at present, fuel guage never moves, its great.(not very street cred but you can't be rich and cool).

    If you just need a small personal run around I'd recommend a Smart car, super low fuel cost and cheap insurance.

    Their fuel consumption isn't that great, at best they hit 60mpg overall which is not very good given it's a two seater with very slow performance. The Toyota Aygo is a similarly small car but has five seats, quite a bit faster and slightly better fuel consumption for the petrol.


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    thanks guys, working on a limited budget tbh and really dont want to spend more than 1500 and would be hard pushed to pay more considering depreciation.
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