Fuel Price Duty Decrease?

    I know it's a bit late, but this had me thinking for the past couple of days.

    The petrol stations raised the price in anticipation then dropped prices by 1p after the announcement. The excuse fuel companies gave was that it cannot be passed on straight away because of the way the industry works.

    Basically most fuel is pre-bought and held with duty already paid, hence why they cannot pass the new rate on straight away.

    What I want to know is that when there is an increase in duty, they pass on the increase straight away, surely the duty should be passed when new 'stock' is bought?

    What are your thoughts?


    I have no thoughts, it's 1p and aint going to change my life what's so ever

    They are making a fuss when it's not in their favour and as you say in previous times when the Government have increased it, the stations put it on immediately, not taking into account the fuel in storage at the cheaper price.

    It's a principle thing more than anything.

    Don't even know why the government even bothered with this tbh, makes no difference as the barons will carry on increasing the price.
    I'm finding it hard to think of a solution to this.

    Hope for an early alternative maybees.

    Quite simply the government have made it worse by taxing the oil companies, Obviously they'll pass the buck onto the consumer, They make you think they're being nice with the so called 1p off and the 4p deferred until a later date when in actual fact we'll be even worse off.
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