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Found 9th Feb 2009
Has anybody else noticed this in their area? Thursday, by us, the diesel was 97.9per litre.... i knew i should have filled it up then!! Went to fill it up yesterday 99.9??? Why.... the beginning of last week it was 95.9. How can they keep doing this to us. They have us over a barrell. I would love just not to fill up and take the car off the road. Bunch of theives lol.

Sorry.... rant over now, had to get it off my chest!!!!


yes i have noticed its been going up for a few weeks. its crazy!!


yup...getting ripped off again

Protests last week, out side oil refinery, maybe that gives a clue as to why the prices are creeping up again

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So feaking annoying!! Just as i thought it was coming to a sensible price to fill up. I am so glad i am on maternity and we sold our 2 cars just to buy and run one. Don't think will be going back to my job as a community care worker, you never get back how much it costs you to do your job..... yet another bunch of theives lol!! God if only i could run this country hahaha!!

Workers going on strike gave them all the excuse they needed.

The real reason is that with oil prices coming down the worlds economy is suffering. Companies won't explore for oil & gas as at $45 a barrel it is not viable. So they have agreed with OPEC to reduce production to edge the price of a barrel back up to about $100 a barrel. So along with it petrol goes up.

Oil is under $41 a barrel. These petrol/diesel suppliers are just slowly increasing their profits at the expense of the motorist. Why are Morrison, Asda and Tesco not screaming about lower prices? That is how they increase their margins, stating they are reducing prices for customers in one area and raising prices in the other. I have noticed a 7p increase in our area over the past fortnight.

There ripping us off just like the government.
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