Fuel prices up....

    Just seen my local petrol stations have increased their prices by 2-3p per litre

    Anyone else seen this....


    Petrol was 82.9 near here today - I'll have another look tomorrow, but I hope it hasn't gone up.


    Decent site for finding out local prices, requires sign up.

    Nothing here today.
    Have heard it tho.

    yeah filled up at bp today and it was 86p, last week it was 82p...

    Still 82.9p here .

    Sainsburys here 82.9 and a mile or so away Texaco 90.9

    You have to wonder why people go to texaco.

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    [url][/url]Decent site for finding out local prices, … [url][/url]Decent site for finding out local prices, requires sign up.

    I use this site but it is often a couple of days behind (it is now)

    Might be worth filling up now if you can get 82.9p :thumbsup:

    voted cold

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