Fuel up for 1998 Prices in Tyne and Wear by listening to metro radio

    Metro Radio and Motorpoint have teamed up to offer fuel at 1998 prices on Friday 19th August in the Tyne and Wear Area. They will reveal locations on Friday around 7am.…ay/

    So far this week they have mentioned it will be around 70p. So a chance to save at least a purple one for a full tank however I would imagine it will be pretty busy!

    I look forward to being criticised for trying to help people save a couple quid



    Moved to MISC as a heads up as prices & locations have not been released yet. thanks

    Wow, great prices Its a pity that I moved from T&W to down South

    Full her up, mate


    Full her up, mate

    Ross, I thought you meant me there X)


    Ross, I thought you meant me there X)



    omg I can see the road rage now and the fighting

    we live in a greedy world

    It would cost me £20 to get there!!!
    Let's hope the rest of the nation follows suit

    Gridlock and mayhem ahoy

    My how Alan Robson has aged oO

    so how did this go?
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