Fuji F31d or F20 digital camera?

    Very appreciative of all you good people who have given advice to final question is:-

    Which would you go for from the above two models?
    I gather that the F20 is slightly cheaper (£90 v. £114) but is probably the older model.

    Many thanks,


    For an extra 20 quid, I'd get the F31fd. It has a better processor and higher ISO sensitivity so will take better shots in low light levels. I'm sure the battery life is better too although don't quote me on that one. I have the F30 (the F31fd's predecessor) and it's totally fab.

    The F20 isn't really the older model, it just has less features, it doesn't have the face detection of the F31 for instance, results are very similar.

    It really depends on your requirements, personally I would go for the F31, nothing wrong with the F20 though.
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