Fuji finepix - any good or is there better for the price??

    Ok have been looming at slr style digital cameras and saw this one in tescos. Have seen cheapest is around £115 mark from dixons & amazon (…402?tag=prudentpanda-direct-21&linkCode=xm2&a=B001SN6XQS&camp=2025&creative=165953&SubscriptionId=0D47F3H93WVE2WK8Y402&creativeASIN=B001SN6XQS) but what I need to know is for around this price, is it any good???

    Happy to hear of any good or bad feedback or If someone else can recommend a better camera please?



    Cheaper if you buy from fuji it self with the code.


    Code: P832A4V3T8MES

    comes to £103.99 INC VAT and Delivery

    My S5000 died a few weeks back after some 4 years service and that was agood camera.
    Like you had a good look around and went for the 2000HD version.
    Cracking camera that has the bonus of taking HD video footage that is just superb.
    Takes SDHC cards and I'm very impressed.
    Cost me £163 from Jessops less 8% quidco plus £5 for the SDHC card. however you can buy a refurb from Fuji direct, the route I wanted to take but was out of stock, and they charge £135.99 and they are in stock.…0hd

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    Cheaper if you buy from fuji it self with the code. … Cheaper if you buy from fuji it self with the code. ] P832A4V3T8MEScomes to £103.99 INC VAT and Delivery

    That looks a pretty fine deal to me!! Many thanks will leave some rep for all!!
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