Fuji Nevada 3.0 Hardtail Mountain Bike

    anyone know anything about bikes. Looking for a new mountain bike around £200 mark and saw this one.


    FRAMESET: Fuji Altair 1 Aluminum with PowerDiamond down tube, down tube gusset, double water bottle mounts
    FORK: SR Suntour M-2000, 50mm travel
    DRIVETRAIN: SR Suntour XCC-100 aluminum crankset, Shimano Acera rear, SR Suntour XCM front derailleurs, Shimano Altus EZ Fire brake/shifter, 24-speed
    WHEELS: Fuji oversized disc AL hubs, Jalco XC-168 Al w/ Ground sidewall rims
    FEATURES: NEW Bengal - Unique mechanical w/ 160mm Wave rotor
    SIZES AVAILABLE: 17", 19", 20.5"
    COLOR: Red/Silver
    *WEIGHT: 31.3 lbs / 14.1 kg


    Sounds okay, not amazing specs but fairly typical for that price range, not particularly lightweight either...

    Not heard of Fuji making bikes before mind!

    You tend to get what you pay for with bikes and spending a bit more will get better componentry and lighter parts - the forks for example are very basic and heavy, the mech disc brakes are more style over function etc etc.

    Don't know much about Fuji bikes, but the spec doesn't look that great (I've never seen a decent bike with 50mm travel forks?)
    Personally I'd look around some of the on-line retailers for deal on a new 07 or 08 model bike from a well known brand. Have a look at this for example - I know it's £40 or so over your budget, but shop around & you might find something better:…008

    Specialized bikes are top quality, even the entry level models and what's more it'll actually have some re-sale value if you ever want to sell it on
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