Fujifilm Finepix S9600 Zoom Digital Compact Camera

I want to get a Fujifilm Finepix S9600 Zoom Digital Compact Camera, or something very simalar and ive looked around and the lowest price i can find is £223 could anyone tell me or get a better price please?

Cheers very much


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yeah its with p+p. o right ive found 230 a fair bit ive been told somewhere its available for 200

cameras2u give 2 year warranty wich is handy i bought my 6500fd there

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what a free warranty?

Fuji gives 1 year. But then camreas2u give U an extra year on top of that and they fix it if anything happens.

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o right i'm not sure i really want to find a deal for 200. tempted to just ring up and say to someone if i buy bag and cards an cleaning kit from you can i have it for 200?

Do u really need the 9600?? what does 9600 have that U need that 6500 doesnt have??

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extra features looks just as nice ive not nicer and prefer newer better things so instead of gettin the 6500 and replacng after a while i can get the 9600 and wait longer to replace.

Actually 6500 is a newer model It has a newer matrix, the fd stand for Face Detection that 9600 doesnt have. Pros for 9600 are only - more MPx [yet better matrix in 6500 produces less noiser images in higher ISO modes], metal thread for the tripod lock, moveable/rotating lcd display. go to dpreview.com and compare them both (might be as 9100 - same as 9600 and 6000fd - same as 6500fd)

Im sure i saw it in Asda for £177 earlier today!

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i cant find either camera to put side by side? can anyone? this asda thing was it the 9600 or the 6500?

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there the wrong ones im looking for the 9600 cheers tho.

Dude! why do u even buy this camera [coz it looks cool?? u want to look as a professional?] if U dont even know that 9100 is the same as 9600 its just the US have it as 9100 and Europe as 9600?? Same with 6500fd, in US is named 6000fd. If You read the revies from dpreview.com U would already know. Check Fuji's website.

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Ive been on fujis website loads and its advertised as a 9600. I want it because ive used a friends Canon EOS 400D . a fair bit and i like the settings and everything you can do but dont want a full on slr yet until im ready. and ive used a friends 9500 i think it is the one before the 9600 and i liked that aswell so i want this one.
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