Fujitsu 22" Bargain monitor backlight problems!


    Anyone who bought one of those Fujitsu 22" widescreen jobs from Insight...Could you set it up to a totally black screen (Windows XP screensaver would do actually) and then turn off the lights and see what your backlight is like if you stare at the monitor from different angles? (i.e. standing up, sitting down, to the side etc).

    One of mine has backlight all over the screen, smudgy...almost as if someone has put a load of white fingerprints all over it!!!


    hmm, thats just backlight bleed, the relatively low contrast ratio and the fact that it is a TN panel (the viewing angle problem).

    I doubt yours if faulty, it is just a budget screen and you might be expecting too much for this money.

    You can always return under DSR can you not?

    Mine seems ok once i adjusted the resolution up to stop things being so big:thumbsup: happy as larry, thats me :whistling:

    With mine, I use it at around 10% brightness and the blotchy-ness is very slight at an angle more than 45% when it is a black screen. At 80% brightness there is very tiny increase in blothy-ness. It is not noticeable during normal use. However with my Thinkpad T41 LCD screen there is no blotchy-ness at all with the black screen. I use the Fujitsu 22" with my Thinkpad T41 in dual screen mode. I am very happy with this Fujitsu 22" and I almost bought the 22" Neuovo from Scan at £140 when was on at todayonly price.. but £111 for the Fujitsu was too good deal even though the Neuvovo was better with the response time and the speaker output.

    Anyone got a low humming noise from this LCD monitor?

    The thread with this deal has disappeared! Anyone got the link for it?
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