Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro help please.....pretty please!!!!!


    I have a FS Amilo Pro V3515 which i get on great with apart from one problem...

    When I am typing, the cursor jumps frequently to another point in the text and as I am not a professional typist, I don't realise until I glance up and see that my text makes no sense!!! It is getting so frustrating. I have been using a keyboard plugged into the laptop and don't have this problem but as soon as I use the laptop keyboard, the cursor jumping starts, My hands do not touch the touch pad. I'm on holiday so it wasn't practical to pack the other keyboard!

    Can anyone help me please....I would be very grateful.


    I have the same problem with a sony vaio.... was running vista but put it back to xp, and it still does it, less frequently mind.

    Original Poster

    I am running vista as well. I typed a short email and the damn cursor jumped 5 times!!!!! :x

    You're hitting a key or key combo you should not be. You probably are still engaging the touch pad as well even if you think you are not.

    try this….7z
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