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Hi all.

Please can I ask for some advice.

I recently bought an item from amazon.

It turned out to be faulty so I emailed them to get a replacement. They emailed back saying that they couldn't send a direct replacement as I bought it from a merchant Fulfilled By Amazon.

They said I would need to return it before they could send a refund. I could then reorder it via the link they sent.

So I did as they said. Returned the item. They have received it and now issued a refund.

I have now clicked on the link to re-order.

Fantastic! The product has now gone up in price.

So not only have I bought a faulty product which was a birthday present. I now have to pay more money to replace it.

Surely this can't be correct. Surely they should let me purchase a replacement at the same price.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Yes. It is common with Amazon. I would get on chat and have a word because I've always had better results with chat than email but because they are the logistics side, they may not price match.

Same happened to me I I bought a hard drive from prime now for £40 inc using a one time use £10 off voucher. It was faulty so had to return and get refund. The hard drive had then gone up to £60 plus I couldn't use my voucher again.

However in your case as it was a marketplace item there's not a lot amazon can do about the price increase or a discount as it is the seller not amazon that sets the price

I currently have a problem not that different from yours. Got an 11 month old Logitech mouse which I purchased on a Lightning Deal for £33. Amazon will only offer me a refund but the mouse is now almost double the price I paid for it.

Logitech support is a disgrace and won't even respond to support requests from a number of its customers, including me.

At the moment I have to a) get a refund and not buy a new mouse (which I really like) b) get a refund and pay nearly 30 quid extra to get a replacement, or c) keep trying the utterly useless Logitech support for a resolution.

Original Poster

Great I've just opened my latest product from amazon. Also faulty. What next!

Have you tried contacting the merchant direct? It's not Amazon's fault...

All they can do is refund as it was a market place seller item. I am in the same boat with a motherboard I got for £33 they offered a full refund as they can't Rma it for me. To replace the board I had to spend £90. Luckily I found a suitable one on Amazon warehouse so only cost £60 in the end

with amazon especially, never return the faulty item unless they send you out an advanced replacement at the same time otherwise they will refund you. I had replacements sent out and told if I don't return the faulty item will be charged which is fair.

If the price has increased and all they are going to do is refund , order the item again at full/higher price then return the faulty item against that receipt. Obviously the item has to be in stock and some higher value items may have serial numbers recorded but I have never had a problem with any retailers.
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