Fuli f100fd 12mp Digital Camera Required

    Hi I am look for a fuji f100fd digital camera in black, where will I get the best deal on one.

    thanks regards Keith



    £166.16 using code XMAS10 - expires in 2 days

    me too pls!

    Keith i managed to get a refurb one in black from Fuji shop for £112.47 delivered! (£125.27-15%+5.99P&P)…591
    No black available atm but keep an eye out since they come in regularly. Plus iv received mine and it looks brand new and has complete accessories. Iv played abt with it, very easy to operate, fantastic pics, auto mode does an excellent job and enuff manual control too, particularly like the portrait enhancer and macro modes WOW! No reservations abt the refurb, it works 100% well! Barrrgin if you ask me! :thumbsup:


    how did you get that 15% discount?

    I am monitoring Fuji's website to get the black one:)

    Nevaeva there was a Fuji Shop discount code "MFDEC" for 40% off Accessories, 25% off Media and 15% off Refurb Cameras but this was valid only til 31/12/08! I genuinely tried to use this in December but had some technical issues so when i ordered the black one in JANUARY, i called them on 01234 217724 (ask to be xferd to spares & accessories dept) or 08445532323/1, explained abt have problems with using the code in Dec and they honoured it!!! try it, fingers crossed! ;-)

    Oh BTW just checked and the black (much sexier) is currently in stock! :w00t:


    Didn't work for me:( they said no... but the price is good anyway so will be buying one now.

    Thanks for the tip.
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