Found 7th Dec 2008
Hello , i am also after a hd tv , but it much be full hd , 1080p . Looking to spend up to £200 max , so i should be able to get a 22".

Hopefully you deal hunters , will hunt me out a good one . DealMania

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1080P HD + 22' + under £200 = Good Luck!

makro 21.6" umc full hd 149.99 + vat £173.00 with vat


makro 21.6" umc full hd 149.99 + vat £173.00 with vat

I know the price is achievable but 1080P on a screen that small really is a waste!

Lmao HDTV at 1080p For 200? You'll be looking all over the world for that

Original Poster

ok , maybe if i spend up to £250 max , i think that makes a difference then dont it ?

you won't find a half decent 1080p tv that small, and you'll need to add alot more than £50!!!
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