Full HD TV, on a budget? Technophobe! HELP!

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Found 11th Mar 2010
Ok so i am a bit of a technophobe and this is also my first post so please be gentle lol!

I am on a budget of around £550 to buy a new tv and hopefully the stand aswell as my budget doesnt go much further.
I know i am looking for Full HD as we play alot of xbox in this house and im also looking for 32" or above.
If anyone could point me in the right direction or even offer a bit of advice on what to look out for etc it would be much appreciated as i dont have a clue.

Thanks in advance =D

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You can get a 32" TV from Sainsburys for £300 easy, a Toshiba 32AV635DB which is what I have in my back room, awesome TV.

Or this, if you want to use your budget, is well worthy. ebuyer.com/pro…419

37RV635 Toshiba,

Go into a Currys or John Lewis, look at the TV, mark down the model and code, then go home and google the TV, google shopping will tell you the cheapest prices.

Good luck.

The was a 42inch LG Full HD LCD TV posted on here earlier... It's £499.99 from Argos, I will try and find the post now and link it, unless someone can beat me to it!


i bought this samsung and its awesome :thumbsup:

if you can get hold of what hi-fi magazine (might be the march edition) has a great review of it in there.

excellent for xbox,full hd,40"

i bought it from amazon prime for £518 incl. delivery (not from hughes direct for £494 + del) and the stand they recommend £49 + hdmi cable £10 - £584 incl. delivery all in

here ya go vodka chik


what hi-fi review :thumbsup:

also sell it at john lewis for £550? ish i think with 5 year warranty

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Thanks guys =D
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