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Posted 12th Sep 2022
As inflation continues to hits the population, and the rest of the world, many are finding their budgets are being squeezed more and more, prices of groceries are through the roof and likely going to get more expensive over the coming months....

I thought id would be ideal to list the supermarkets doing Christmas saver type club schemes where you save onto a card/app, through the supermarket, and you can actually get bonuses on certain savings.

The idea of Supermarkets giving bonuses is that they'll get 'guaranteed' custom over Christmas and hoping many will spend more than what they've saved.

There's a list below and please check the dates the offers expired, some are longer than others. Usually there's no problem going to top up the highest amount, to get the bonus in one go but check all terms.



Aldi sadly don't have a 'bonus' type top up card but they do have a giftcard, which you can grab instore, and top-up as/when required. The maximum you can save on each card is £500, which you can top-up at the till.

This card: (a) will expire 5 years from the date it is purchased or, if applicable, 5 years from the last date additional funds were added to it; (b) should be treated like cash;


Asda Christmas Savings CardTake the stress out of the holidays with the Asda Christmas Savings Card. Automatically put money away each month and earn cash bonuses. The more you save, the bigger the payout!

Savings on card

Bonus reward

£30 - £79 £1
£80 - £129 £3
£130 - £179 £6
£180 - £229 £9
£230 - £279 £12
£280+ - £15

Your Christmas Savings Card balance can be spent on Asda Groceries online, as well as in-store and at George.com

Adding money is simple. There’s a few different ways to do it:


Easily top-up online from the comfort of your own home. Make sure you’re registered and have added your Christmas Savings Card to your account. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see a ‘top-up’ option next to your card. Just follow the instructions on screen and you’ll be topped up in minutes. You can do a one-off top up or set up a regular payment - the choice is yours.


You can top up your card in store at any checkout (including Self-Scan and Scan & Go) or at a Customer Service Desk. You’ll need to have with you either your savings card or your key fob (we’ll send you one when you purchase a card).

Max bonus £15 - Pay in by 5pm 13 Nov 22 , Bonus paid 9am 14 Nov 22 , Bonus expires two years from the date of your last transaction


Co-op's store-only savings scheme gives a £2 bonus for every £48 saved.

You must collect a paper stamp book in store (Not online) and complete it by buying 48 £1 stamps. Do this and you get £50 off your shopping bill – a £2 bonus for saving £48.

The scheme runs all year round i.e no expiry.

There’s no limit to the number of cards you can have, so you can have multiple cards to add stamps to. But make sure you don’t lose your cards as there’s no protection

The Farmfoods card is a great way of putting money aside to spend on your shopping or to give as a gift. It’s completely free but must be activated using a £1 minimum top up, after that you can top up as much or as little as you like! The card can be used and topped up in any of our stores, just ask at the checkout.

Is there an expiry date on the card?

Yes, for accounting reasons only, if the card has not been used for 24 consecutive months any remaining balance will be deducted.

How do I top up my card?

You can top up your card at any Farmfoods checkout, either as part of a sale or as a separate transaction. Payment can be made with either cash or a credit / debit card.


It's never been easier to join Bonus Card, you can now join online**.

Swipe your digital Bonus Card every time you shop to get the most from your Bonus Card.

(If you'd prefer a physical card, you can still pick up a Bonus Card in store too. Pick up a card in your local store and then register it online.)

Download the Bonus Card App today to gain acess to our amazing Bonus Card prices - massive savings on big brands every week

View and top up your savings instantly. We'll give you an extra £1 for every £20 you save

Google Play - Iceland Bonus Card
Apple iOS - Iceland Bonus Card

You will receive a £1 bonus each time an aggregate of £20 of savings is added to your savings balance.

Save as little or as much as you'd like, in one go or in smaller amounts.

Receive £1 bonuses all year round.

Spend as much or as little of your savings whenever you want, in store and online.

Check your balance at any time, on the bottom of your till receipt, by asking a cashier in store or by logging in online, going to 'My Account' and clicking 'Bonus Card'.

Always safe - Your money is protected and there whenever you want it.

Heron Foods

Buy 29 and get £1 free

Collect saving stamps every time you shop, stick them in your Saver Card and redeem whenever you like, on whatever* you like. It could help you pay for your Christmas food shop in December, save for a special treat during the year or simply make shopping that little bit easier. It’s a great way to save money and we’ll even give you a bonus as a thank you!

Pick up a Saver Card in store
Buy your savings stamps at the till
Redeem your stamps against your shopping

Terms and Conditions


Not a Christmas saver as such, but thought it was worth a mention.

If you download the Lidl+ app here you can get various freebies, including bakery items and coupons, that go towards your shop (These can vary from account to account)

e.g 10% voucher/coupon when you spend £250 in a month i.e you could spend just £50 per week and still qualify. Coupon max discount is £20 but a 'free' £20 is £20.


Christmas Savers is a Christmas saving scheme for My Morrisons customers. It allows you to purchase digital stamps throughout the year to help spread the cost of Christmas.

At the end of October, your balance for the year will be totalled and you will be issued Christmas Savers vouchers to use in November & December. This can be used in store or as an e-code online.

Once you meet certain stamp thresholds, Morrisons will also give you a bonus towards your total.

Am I eligible for a Christmas Savers bonus?

Customers that are still Christmas Savers (up until the 31st October 2022) will be eligible to receive their Christmas Savers bonus from Morrisons as follows

£49 = £1 total bonus
£97 = £3 total bonus
£146 = £4 total bonus
£194 = £6 total bonus

Morrisons will give a maximum bonus of £6. You can continue to save with Christmas Savers after reaching £194 however you will not receive any further bonus from Morrisons.

Do I have to be a My Morrisons member to sign up to Christmas Savers? Yes.

Your digital Christmas Savers stamps will be linked to your registered My Morrisons account. You can sign up for a My Morrisons account here.

What happens if I continue to buy digital Christmas Savers stamps after the 31st October?

Your Christmas Savers stamps and bonus will be totalled at midnight on the 30th October 2022.

If you buy any digital Christmas Savers stamps after this point, they will go towards your Christmas 2023 balance

Where can I view how much I have saved for Christmas so far?

You can view your Christmas Savers balance on your online Account page; you will see a breakdown of the stamps you have saved so far, and any Christmas Savers bonus you have qualified for.

If you have downloaded the My Morrisons app you will also be able to view your balance in the Christmas Savers Account tab.

Where can I buy digital Christmas Savers stamps?

Digital Christmas Savers stamps are available from all Morrisons stores*. To buy, ask the cashier for the amount you want to purchase in digital Christmas Savers stamps and scan your My Morrisons digital or physical card to link the stamps to your account. Digital Christmas Savers stamps can be purchased in denominations of £1's. Once you have purchased digital Christmas Savers stamps, they will appear on your account within 72 hours.

*Excludes Morrisons Daily and Gibraltar.

When can I use my Christmas Savers vouchers?

Christmas Savers vouchers are redeemable between the 6th November - 31st December 2022.


Sainsbury's Christmas Club Card gets you a £2.50 bonus for every £50 saved*

Bonus Offer

Save from January to the 1st November each year, and receive a cash bonus on your Christmas Club Card.
You can reload the card as often as you like with any cash value up to £1,975 at a Sainsbury's checkout.

To receive a cash bonus, you will need to have a minimum of £50 on your card before the 1st November.
You will receive a 5% cash bonus equivalent to £2.50 reward for each full £50 you have on your card on the 1st November up to a maximum £25 reward on £500 savings. Maximum reward is £25 per year.

The bonus will be added to your card by the end of November. We reserve the right to amend the cash bonus from year to year.

How to use the Christmas Club Card

The Christmas Club card can be activated and reloaded at a Sainsbury's in-store checkout and self-service till only - it cannot be activated or reloaded at an Argos till.
You can load any amount from £1 to £1,975.
The maximum value you can load onto Christmas Club Card is £1,975.
The Christmas Club Card may be used at Sainsbury's in-store, Argos, Argos in-store, Sainsburys.co.uk and Argos.co.uk in part or full payment for goods.

Manage your card by registering it: Register my Card

Card balance - Bonus

£0.00 - £49.99 - £0.00
£50 - £99.99 - £2.50
£100 - £149.99 - £5.00
£150 - £199.99 - £7.50
£200 - £249.99 - £10.00
£250 – £299.99 - £12.50
£300 - £349.99 - £15.00
£350 - £399.99 - £17.50
£400 - £449.99 - £20.00
£450-£499.99 - £22.50
£500 and over - £25.00

Christmas Club FAQs

Q. If I save throughout the year, and spend all my balance on the 1st Nov, do I qualify for the bonus?
A. Unfortunately not, the balance will need to be on your card until the end of the day on the 1st Nov to qualify for the bonus. To qualify for the bonus do not spend the balance until 2nd November at the earliest. The bonus will be added to your card by the end of November.

Q. If I add all of my funds onto the card on the 31st October, do I still qualify for the bonus?
A. Yes you will qualify for the bonus. You can add the value onto your card at any time, as long as the balance is on your card until the end of the day on the 1st November.

Q. If I have £499 saved on my card, how much bonus will I receive?
A. You will receive a 5% bonus based on the £450 value as the bonus will be awarded on each increment of £50.

Q. How will I know when my bonus has been added to my Christmas Club Card?
A. Your bonus will be added by the end of November. To check the balance at any point, register your Christmas Club Card here

Q. Is Colleague discount available against the funds loaded onto the card?
A. Unfortunately not. However, you will qualify for colleague discount when you spend the money on the card provided the card is in your name and is used in accordance with the colleague discount policy.

Q. Where can I pick up a Christmas Club card?
A. The Christmas Club card is available in most Sainsbury's supermarkets on the gift card fixture. Please ask a member of staff when you are in one of our supermarket stores.

Q. Can I use my Christmas Club Card to pay at Smart Shop?
A. Yes, you can redeem your Christmas Club Card as part of your Sainsbury's shop.

Q. Are there any items I cannot buy with my Christmas Club Card?
A. When redeeming in Argos there are no excluded items. When redeeming in Sainsbury's the following items are excluded:

Branded Gift Cards
All lottery related products
PayPoint products and services
Stage 1 Infant Formula milk
Tobacco and related products
Postage stamps
All in store concessions
Petrol and Diesel
Mobile phone top ups
Travel Money


Save vouchers throughout the year, then use them all for your Christmas shop. Plus, top up your account with cash to get a bonus from us.*

Make saving for Christmas a little easier with Christmas Savers

We'll look after the vouchers you collect when you shop through the year, then send them all in November – just in time for the big shop. We'll continue sending statements through the year, too, so you can keep track of your savings. Plus, you can save even more by topping up your account with cash to get a bonus from us (up to a maximum of £12, top-up limit is £360)*. When you top up, you can rest assured your money is held in a trust.**

Am I eligible for the top-up bonus?

If you've topped up £25 or more and have remained in the scheme until 11:59pm, 19 October 2022, you'll be eligible for a top-up bonus:

£25–£49 top-up = £1.50 bonus
£50–£99 top-up = £3 bonus
£100–£199 top-up = £6 bonus
£200–£360 top-up = £12 bonus

How does it work?

Sign into your account and become a Clubcard Christmas Saver via the 'vouchers scheme' page

Shop with your Clubcard and we'll save all your vouchers throughout the year

Power up your savings by topping up your account with cash to get a bonus from us

Receive all your vouchers in your November statement, in time for your Christmas shop.

Other threads that may help you save some £££££'s:

What can you do to help cut costs when buying goods? How do we shop smarter and other information to help

'Typical Households' will pay no more than £2,500 per year* for two years from 1st Oct + discounts, grants, tips and info to help

Drowning in debt: How to save on water bills

Best times to get yellow sticker reductions across supermarkets plus online grocery shopping codes
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    Might want to start Xmas shopping early this year the way Royal Mail is going! Gonna be a looong back log.
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    This came through on an Aldi email.
    Not sure how good an offer it is but may help someone.
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    Costco got all the Xmas stuff in, isle of it
    Soon flies doesn't it :/

    Once the schools half term is done in October (for many) then full on xmas songs, adverts and offers (we hope)
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    Thanks @Dan_82
    Was unaware that Aldi do a savings card?
    I put a few quid a week away to get my Xmas food, but have recently got to round ups with my bank.
    They round up to the nearest pound when spending money on your debit card
    In the last 4 weeks I have saved just over £30!
    Best it, I've hardly noticed it.
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    Out of them all Tesco have the best one then Morrisons. Also if you have any of the American Express cards in December they always have cash back offers. You can triple dip of the return. Hit the requirement for spending over the 5/6 weeks and then get Morrisons vouchers. Then get the cash back on the Morrisons offers on the card and then the American Express points or cash back depending on what card you have. Also I have three Amex cards so I can stager the spending amount as the off expires on different dates on each card. So if you time it right you can get all 5 weeks of spending and cash back. Which would mean Morrisons are the winner. Sainsbury's Christmas bonus spending points are third out of the big 4. It will be interesting what asda does with there new rewards scheme. The challenger is Lidl with the lidl plus card app. I want to see what they do to pinch off the top 4.
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    Grim reminder. Christmas is so near!
    Soon see Michael Buble out of his box

    Soon as Halloween is done, usually countdown to Christmas, even seeing xmas food in supermarkets now.

    Hopefully this will save some members some cash.
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    Why buy prepared and frozen veg...apart from peas! Peel carrots and parsnips, prepare sprouts and cook. Why not wrap your own sausages with bacon! Peel spuds the mash and roast. Enough said. (edited)
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