Full REFUND from CDISCOUNT if they failed to deliver within 24 hours (as voucher)

They have basically refunded me the postage as I paid £2.99 for express delivery and they failed to deliver within a 24 hour time frame.

The number is 08444 990099

Hope this helps!


2 - Purchase vouchers linked to an order:

These are purchase vouchers credited to your customer account in terms of our general terms of sale and correspond to

A refund
A commercial gesture, i.e. purchase vouchers granted for compensation:

These purchase vouchers, allocated to your customer account, cannot in any way be used for an order placed with another account (different email/different last name/different first name).
They can only be used when making payment via a banking card.


Original Poster

I cannot seem to attach an image, if someone has time can they please help?
The webpage seem to have wrritten in ASP.

i think their delivery system is rubbish. my package has been "awaiting dispatch" since last Friday. emailed them and they said they have until this Friday to deliver it. seems a bit petty to me that they wait to deliver until the fifth working day.

I ordered Friday, paid 1.99 post and it arrived today, Wednesday - don't rely on the web based tracking system - mine shows dispatch as still red!
My Quidco also tracked today
Ace company - would recommend
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