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Found 4th Jan
Just wondering weather it is more profitable in the long run to get my Suzuki Swift Sport serviced at an actual Suzuki garage or just take it to a regular garage to be serviced. Thanks for any advice.

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as far as i understand you can get you service done anywhere but they must fit genuine parts

depends how new your car is

Doesnt have to be dealer parts just approved parts. Your better having it serviced at an independant garage dealers skimp on their servicing do them really quickly and tend to condemn parts that theres nothing wrong with

If you are buying new and plan to sell at year 3 then it's probably worth doing it as will help it sell.
If not probably not worth it. One of our cars only had it's free 1000 mile service then the next two at an independent specialist. I have (over) serviced it since.
The other one was one year old and had it's next two at the main dealer as it was a fixed (and reasonable) price. Now it's out of warranty I'll service it. Next time it will go back will be to replace the timing belt when it's due.

I'd say it's only worth it if your car is worth more than around £10K other wise I wouldn't bother as they charge a lot more. Than if you you shop around for a independent garage.

Just my personal preference, when buying a second hand car I pay more for a service history from a main dealer up to about 80k. To me it shows the owner has paid to look after the vehicle.

I'd go to a independant Suzuki specialist. Most of the time, it's almost half the price, genuine parts used and the customer service and attention to detail is much better than an actual Suzuki dealership.

depends on age of the car really older than say 3 years better going independent as savings will.out weigh the slightly more someone may pay for a dealer serviced car but get them to stamp it aswell just as good.
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