Full size Digital Keyboard (to be used for piano lessons) Any advice?

Found 22nd Jan 2010
Am looking to buy a digital keyboard, maybe to be used for piano lessons (if kids don't get bored with it!). Would love a real piano, but haven't got the space. I have done a bit of on-line research and apparently full size, touch sensitive keys are a must, and if possible weighted keys? Anyway, just wondering if anyone can recommend one. Looking to spend around £250
Many thanks if you can help
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My wife plays and although she has an accoustic upright she does like to play this one as she can put headphones on,she says is great value for money.........
Many thanks, that one looks great. Just what I was after, I don't need 600 sounds etc like so many of the others have. Repped!
I think it may be an idea to research your piano teacher first, My daughter had piano lessons on a keyboard for the same reasons as you state. Had a lot of difficulty finding a teacher who was happy to do this.When we did he was quite specific which keyboard to get. She got to Grade 5, then was told that really to go further a piano was needed.
Hope that helps.
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