Fully Functional Wireless Dvd Home Cinema Surround

    WE ARE LOOKING FOR A COMPLETE WIRELESS DVD HOME CINEMA SURROUND Whats The Best Ones? Must Be 100% Wireless (well The Speakers Must Be, Not Neceseraly The Mains Power Thingymebob)


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    Never Heard Of Them Before - Look Good - Are They Any Others? (please)!!!!

    Polk SoundBar and Philips Ambisound (but it is not released yet).

    Do you also require front speakers to be wireless or just the rear ones?

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    All If Its Poss, Anddecent Priced!!

    Sorry, these are the only ones I know of. I saw Yamaha SP900 in Currys the other day - it was on promotion at 360 quid or something, but I am not sure if that was single-store promotion or chain-wide.

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    can you not get the set of speakers? the tall boy ones? i like the look of them, its just the wires would be a nightmare in our house, i really appreciate your help - u r a 'good-un'!!!!


    Not sure about this website but its the cheapest I can find for the Logitech Z-5450 Digital 5.1 Speaker System.

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    wow i like the look of that one!!!! only the back speakers are wireless tho - but it looks amazing!!! wow!

    If you're on tight budget and can live with wireless rear speakers only, then you can get Samsung SWA-3000 kit:

    and connect it to cheap Samsung HT-Q20:

    The SWA cost roughly 90 quid and Q20 is about 160.

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    where do i get these from? do the rear wireless speakers come in 2?

    The second one comes with wired speakers and you can get it from nearest Currys/PCWorld. To make rear speakers wireless you need the first device in my previous post (if you click on its name, you'll see where to get it from).


    Bose Sound System Pop Into Comet

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    is this what you mean? what does it do?

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    i really really like the look of this set ht-thq25,…=36
    but i need to find out if it can be made that the rear speakers could be wireless, maybe with something like the swa300…cb3
    someone please help!
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