Fundraising ideas for a Cricket Club on the brink......

Found 15th Feb 2012
Hi All -
I made a posting earlier this month - we held a fundraising race night in our local working mens club - our target on the night was £300 and we actually made £600 so were very happy.

Our cricket club is an ex-miners welfare cricket club - which basically means we are skint !!!!

The entire old committee left last season so its been left to a handful of the remaining players to run 1 Senior Team and 1 Under 13's team.

As the new season is fast approaching we are looking at ideas for how we can raise further monies to prevent the club from folding?????

So far we have have been selling advertisement banners to local business and weve done pretty well, been charging £50 of which £40 has been raw profit for the cricket club (the banner company gave us a great deal just £10 each).

Our running costs for the season are approx 1k and we have 2k in the bank........ the short term future seems to be ok but we need regular events to ensure we dont go under and have to fold the club.

Fundraising ideas so far are........
# Continue sourcing local business for banners
# Weve arrange a one day six-a-side tournament with a local pub
# We have purchased some football scratch cards which can be sold on the day of matches

Anyone got any really good ideas to help...???????
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do a club lotto ? thats what a local club does here pick 3 numbers from 1-24 pick all 3 win the prize goes up £50 per week if not won
Could you sell drinks and cakes at the games?
Get the wives and mothers to take it in turns on a rotation so it's not always the same people having to do it.
sickly sweet

Could you sell drinks and cakes at the games?Get the wives and mothers to … Could you sell drinks and cakes at the games?Get the wives and mothers to take it in turns on a rotation so it's not always the same people having to do it.

Cool - thats another issue - we really are down to very few numbers.
The club is in a point of transition so we dont really have lots of visitors on match days as we dont have a bar.
Basically we are trying with alot of enthusiam to regenerate interest back in the club as in the 60s/70s during the mining years we had 3 teams and at home games we would have around 100 people watching the cricket and handing money over our small club shop for food and drinks.
Sadly all that is gone and we generally get about 5 people watch the games and they are generally parents of the younger players!!!!...... the aim is to focus on our under 13s as we expect interest from their parents to help the club at fundraising events.
Other than that we are literally generating income from the the only asset we have which is the space to advertise around the pitch.
Why not think about an open day with lessons or a fete? Maybe a newbies match to encourage new members
YOu could ask local schools if there were any pupils under achieving at school, who you could hosts training sessions for them, and the adult team could act as trainers, and also mentors. I know this will not generate money, but I am sure the school and the cricket club would get some good publicity from local press. Also it is likely to get a few more bums in seats for the matches, which in turn could generate more money. I think Word of Mouth is your biggest friend, not only to get the awareness of the club spreading, but also to get people to enjoy playing and watching cricket.
Also charity matches against local police force, fire brigade, teachers etc. If succesfull you can een make them an annual event.
It sounds like you need a real recruitment drive.
Get people to start spreading the word, ask your local village shop and independent sports shops in town to put notices up and hand out leaflets, plus get the local newspapers and radio on board.
If you start promoting it within the community, hopefully you can start drumming up numbers.
Have cakes and yummy things available to encourage people to get off their bums and outside.
Encourage each current member to try and bring one person with them next time for a tester training session.
Explain how sports can influence youngsters in such a positive way; the team work, the exercise, the fun, the friendship, the fresh air, the skills, the competitiveness, the desire to achieve etc. I think a lot of parents should find that appealing and hopefully the youngsters as well.
Also, if it's a mixed team let people know as there might be an automatic assumption it's boys only.
Pub sixes is always a great money spinner.
Run a BBQ at the games... I dont know how much foot traffic you get through where you are, but our club pulls about £100 profit whenever it comes out.
Kit Sponsorship (make sure you put reports with photos into the local press).
Weather lottery - weatherfunds.co.uk/ (again our club does this)

Sports council funding?
ECB grants?
Lords Taveners?

Again we utilise all of the above

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