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Posted 24th May
Hi Guys hope you will take a moment to read this -

Our Cricket Club is looking for innovative ideas how to raise fast cash through the use of Facebook. ( due to Coronavirus we are struggling).

We have today raised almost £200, which by our standards is amazing but the game was very simple.
We numbered football teams 1 to 40, charged £3 a team and as people commented which team they wanted, we filled out a football card, then once all teams were taken we did a Facebook live video using a random number generator to pick a number and hence the winner - the winner would receive £70 and our club received £50.

It’s been a big success on the day, but we are mindful that people aren’t going to keep parting with £3 for virtual football cards if they don’t win and also, it’s not a very exciting game.

Can anyone give any ideas of raising some funds over Facebook, the easier and faster the better.
We have thought a race night but it could get very complicated and probably not easy to coordinate 7 races with lots of participants.
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We do a lottery bonus ball game at our local social club using Saturdays lottery draw bonus ball, 1 - 59 numbers,, £1 a go, but only use 49 numbers so if a 50+ is drawn the pot gets rolled over to the next week.
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Have you considered contacting some local companies and asking if they’d consider donating some items or vouchers? You could then do an online auction night or raffle. Some local companies may not be able to afford much right now given the current economic situation but it can also be good exposure for them so they’re likely to donate something if your page has a decent following. You could also consider some sponsored Facebook live events. It’ll mean a few lads taking one for the team but things like having their hair or beard shaved off, getting their legs or chest waxed etc. for everyone to watch.
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