Funky Pigeon / MoonPig Personalised Cards

Found 27th Mar 2011
The kids are wanting to use FP or MP to send card to Mum for next Sunday.

They want to sign the card, so does anyone know, if you get the card sent to yourself, and not the actual person who its for, if it comes with an separate envelope?



I know FP offer this, as thats what I do.

I just get the front of the card personalised then everything else blank, then ask for it to be sent to me with a spare envolope.

Also I think there is a 50% voucher about at the moment.

Yeah, I ordered one for my mum the other day and had it sent to me with a blank envelope

That was from Funky Pigeon, also you can get £3 free account credit with them at the moment.
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Yes can also be done with MP

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wooo thanks will take a look

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ordered two... FUNKY534 (OR 543) gives you £1.50 off, so only had to pay £1.48 for 2 lovely cards!
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