funky what a load of rubish

orderd a mothers day card a few weeks ago opend it today and there was a picture of someone elses child on the front and a diffrent write up inside what a joke!


lol why didnt you check it

*must not laugh*

Oh dear !!...........guess there will be someone else in the same position as you !

Prob someone at Flunky Pigeon playing an April fools

Original Poster

wasnt expecting a company like that to mess up


lol why didnt you check it

sickly sweet

*must not laugh*

X)........i am !!!

How you doing after your op SS ? ............recuperating okay i hope xx


Mine went fine


X)........i am !!!How you doing after your op SS ? … X)........i am !!!How you doing after your op SS ? ............recuperating okay i hope xx

Yeah, back home after a few days in there but got an infection which is annoying and painful. I'm high as a kite on the drugs though, I thought the house was on fire last night as it was 'cloudy' and I could smell bacon, lol, it wasn't...and there was no bacon. Gutted.
Thank you for the well wishes, it's lovely.

I'm currently in need of a Stannah starilift and peeing into a bag, thank goodness I'm single, no hot, attractive man is permitted to see me like this!

i personally would have checked as soon as it came lol

moonpig did the same to me for my fathers birthday....pretty useless - i emailed them straight away and they had the roper one for me the following day

Always check mine when they are delivered then put in a plain envelope

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