Funniest band name you ever heard?

    Just noticed that one of the acts playing the "lennon at 70" concert is called "sergeant peppers only dart board band".

    during the punk era there was a glasgow band called "matt vinyl and the decorators"

    and another called "arthur the antelope and the revolving apricot smugglers"

    anyone got any good ones?


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    legend! any of their stuff on itunes?lol!

    I can't find anything from them. Fantastic band name.

    According to a comment on a website they play a mean version of Wild Thing.

    Half Man Half Biscuit
    the kings of satire, ignore them at your peril

    24 hour garage people…uMw

    Paintball's coming home…ted

    Paintball's coming home (alt version)…ted

    footnote: Their tribute band are called (for those old enough to remember the show)......'it aint half biscuit mum'

    Had a local punk band called The Decomposers who used to do a great version of Hawkwinds Silver Machine called 'Washing Machine'


    I quite simply have to listen to some of their music.

    Quality moustache too.

    I remember a group called 'The Cheesey Helmets' from Stoke-on-Trent . . . . anybody else remember 'em ?


    'Clitoritis Allsorts'

    anyone remember "afraid of mice"?
    they had some top twenty hits and 2 albums


    I can remember an ancient album I bought called Black Hole Star by the Nuetrons. They had backing vocals called the Four skins. I can only assume those idjuts on Jonathon Woss took their name from these.

    My mates brother used to be in a couple of bands, one was 'clouded fish' and the other was 'the love truncheons'
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