Funniest post of the week !

    Personally,I dont care if his mate posted it or not,.

    Top marks for trying to introduce a new word into daily life.
    I think WOOOB has got potential...............

    Nice find JPS

    I will polish up my brothers clio 182 sport cup in orange! Its really nice! Anyone wanna see a pic? WOOOB

    Btw the WOOB remark refers to dr zoidberg from futurama ok. WOOBATY is basically the same thing with ATY at the end. Enjoy using my phrases but remember if you cant WOOB then dont WOOBATY


    I think wooob is already a word :w00t:

    Original Poster

    MOTHER OF GOD !!!!
    Someone beat him to it.

    Do you reckon they polish Renaults tho' ?
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