Funny car ad on a famous online auction site

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Found 20th Mar 2010
This has to be one of the funniest seen for a while......

item number:


If someone can post a link then that would be appreciated, although i think they are not allowed to the bay!

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LMAO! The questions are great as well.

Hahaha that's brilliant!

Original Poster

32,000+ views, wonder how many watchers!

superb so funny!!!

Pure class...innit!

hehe I think the write up is great, but I gave up after 2 pages of questions, Im really not made to translate that chat lol. My eyes hurt!

First class listing. Definitely no chav wrote that, too may long words and it has a meaning too.

lol at "street pharmacist" !!!

thats absolutely brilliant

Original Poster

got to be one of the best in a while.... i am watching now to see if someone buys it!

thats brill

saw this listing earlier quality listing

Brilliant! Over 40,000 views now!

What a brill ad. That car is well low. The girls love a hard ride. "fanny magnet". LMAO. :-D

strange that auction doesn't show when you view all items available from seller?

brilliant !!

wicked innit:p

it's a wonder the bids aren't higher!
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