Funny name required for our quiz team

Found 15th Mar 2011
Doing a charity quiz night on Saturday and I need a good name for our quiz team, so far my fave is Norfolk in chance but have you a better name?
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Stop the bus and let my brother Jack off
I always find that the hardest question at any quiz night

"what is your team name?".......

Still never managed to think of one
the bountiest clompers in the clundy
Team Tourettes

and just randomly start shouting through-out!
Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber
Mensa rejects.
We're stumped
Flat caps and whippets
Was that me?
Four teeth and a wooden leg
Fact Hunt
How many people in your team?

How many people in your team?

6, 3 men, 3 tarts
The Bar Stewards
5 jerks and a squirt

Fact Hunt

Brilliant, may not be too apt for McMillan Cancer night though.
betty swollocks

6, 3 men, 3 tarts

Three gals, two blokes and Derek (use name of your choice)
Cunning Stunts
Liquor n' Poker
Surrounded by idiots
Quiz Eubank.
Hoof Hearted
Beating Chastards.
Polly Tartans Dits
The Rucking Funts
Quizteama Aguilera or anyone else who's name is Christina
Smarty pints
In 3rd place with 35 points
the 12 left slippers
Well Oiled, Beef Hooked?
664 the Neighbour of the Beast
Pre Mensa Tension
Wet Spillage in Aisle 7
The Venetian Road Sweepers
My wife can't wrestle but you should see her box
Cancertankerous cronies
oO six of the best
Quiz on my face
E=MC Hammer
The Bar-stewards
Six Pack
35 years without a trophy
Wayne King in the corner
Edited by: "scoff" 15th Mar 2011
Wayne Kerr in the red
Edited by: "scoff" 15th Mar 2011
Grampus 8 my Hamster
Six machine
Six bomb

Wayne King in the corner

I know someone genuinely called Wayne King.
We usually call our team 'give the dog a boner' can't even recall where the name came from but was used one night and seemed to have stuck!
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