Funny smell in game shops???

Found 26th Mar 2011
is it me or do all employees who work in game shops smell bad???
we used to have a gamestation which smelt so bad the wife would not go in!!
Now we have a CEX and its getting nearly as bad!!
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its all the 30+ no lifes who spend 20 hours a day playing games using the other 4 hours to go into these shops to buy more
CEX is understandable as look at half the people that go in and the staff?

game and gamestation ive never had a smelly problem with tho :P
I couldn't get my wife to enter Gamestation when it wasn't run by Game, the unit was carpeted and always rammed by the typical gamer stereo types.

Game took over and opened a new massive fresh store but it does not appeal to me anymore, I don't think the repulsive smell attracted me but the dark dingy hole that I thought I may find a hidden bargain lured me in leaving a soured faced wife guarding the door.

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Have you ever thought it could be you that smells?

Have you ever thought it could be you that smells?

And the smell travels ahead to videogames stores?

They smell because the clientele don't tend to spend as much on toiletries as people who frequent other types of stores.

I await someone's misplaced outrage because they don't understand that different shops attract different types of customers.
does it happen to you in all shops or is it just game shops you get all excited and sweaty
Lol they do smell

Had a mate who was into Warhammer...everyone should go into one of those shops once to realize what a bad smell really is
Ahhhh, the smell of humanity from all the used, sorry pre-owned products.
The prices in Game stink.
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