Funny Story (well I thought so anyway)

    I ordered a Sanyo Xacti Camcorder from Jessops on Monday and picked it up instore today. I also ordered a 16GB SDHC from Play which was £16.59. So when I was instore the guy asked me if I needed a memory card and I said "yeah, I've ordered one but if it's cheaper in here I can cancel that". So he showed me a Sandisk Extreme III 16GB SDHC card which only cost a mere £119! He asked me how much I got mine for and £16.59 seemed so ridiculas I began to wonder if i had ordered a 16GB card at all.

    Anyway what sort of person would put a £119 memory card in a £118 camera (including Quidco and £20 Sanyo cashback)?

    Nodody, that's who.

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    you wouldnt put a card like that in a camera like that!

    apparantly (i have no opinion whether valid or not) some of these higher end cards live up to their performance sped claims. so youd want to use a good card like this in a high end dslr or video cam. other cards, even though they may claim the same class speed, probably only use marketing measurements to define the class spec. kind of like pmpo vs rms with speakers.
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