Funny video - Hitler trying to use Windows Vista

    Very funny video about Hitler trying to use Windows Vista…tml

    Some of you may have seen the same video used before, perhaps about Ronaldo leaving Man Utd (search Youtube)


    funny stuff

    in agreement with editor a dell technician told me the same regarding vista - it works fine.

    Lol, heres one with the same video but its about ronaldo leaving Man Utd :-D…YTY

    Those vids are fairly amusing, but for anyone not in the know, this is the original (and funniest IMO) vid that they are copying from (as is usual with Youtube, someone posts a funny original video, then you get loads of not-quite-as-funny copy-cats) :…n1I

    Should probably mention that there are a few "F" words in the sub-titles.

    P.S. The film being used is "Downfall", about the last days of Hitler, and it's fantastic (I saw it at the cinema when it came out a few years ago).
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