furby boom, amazon black friday?

Found 29th Nov 2013
do you think they will be on one of their lightning deals?
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Judging by the amount of junk they've offered so far I doubt it I'm afraid.
That's what I thought!!!
Pants really as I was hoping to nab one too. Missed out on the recent £40 deals and now daughter has decided she wants one for Christmas - typical!!
Lol I know the feeling they seem to want everything!!!! The list changes daily :-s
if you have a b&m near you their standard price is 39.99 for a furby boom

if you have a b&m near you their standard price is 39.99 for a furby boom

Thanks for that, I've got £20 worth of Amazon vouchers to use so that would bring the price down to the same as B&M. However, certainly an option.
I have £20 of amazon vouchers too!! So annoyed I missed them for £33 the other week grrrr!!!
Same here!! Trouble is don't want to leave it too long ordering in case they run out of stock. Might just have to stump up the 40 notes and order.
Hmmm I really am considering buying from amazon.com would only cost £18
Doesn't look like you can use uk gift balance on USA site though :(. However, even without the balance they are coming in at under 30 delivered for the pink and black stripes one. Just not sure if it's worth the risk.
Ended up ordering from Tesco and using clubcard points. Just easier if things go wrong IMO.
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