Furby connect or hatchimal?

Found 25th Oct 2017
I have an almost 8 yr old daughter and a 6 yr old son.

Both scoured the argos/smyths catalogues at the weekend and both put a hatchimal on their Christmas wish list.

I see today Furby connect £29.99 at Argos.......

I know what a Furby and Hatchimal both are but not really sure what they do. Which is best? My kids are very easily pleased and to be honest do not ask for much and are always happy to get anything and never disappointed if they dont get what they asked for.

Should I fob them off with a Furby instead? Would a Furby be suitable for either of them?

Many thanks!
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I bought my daughter a Hatchimal last Christmas. It didn't do much and I was making her play with it the first two days. She then ignored it, I took it back to the shop as it was faulty ( wouldn't hatch and kept going back a stage). She never mentioned it again until two weeks ago and that was only because she saw an advert on telly. IMO it was the biggest waste of £60 ever! So was glad I got my money back. Got her a Furby connect this year, which was what I wanted to get last year but she had really wanted a Hatchimal.
the Furby
A furby would be best if the first comment is right. I think they have an app to connect to too and that probably adds more functionality
One daughter had a hatcnhimal, the other a furby connect last year. After it hatched the hatchimal is basically a furby from like 2001, it's rubbish. The furby connect on the other hand gets played with every week. It links to the app and updates to sing new songs and say new phrases, plus the app interactions are fun for kids.
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Thanks, don't think Santa will be bringing hatchimals then! I was in Smith's before Christmas last year and everyone was looking for hatchimals and I asked the young assistant what all the fuss was and he said a furry was so much better!
lmao "fob them off"
Ask yourself, what would Santa do?
Still unsure of the Furby or hatchimal thing!
To me, the hatchimal doesnt look worth it, my kids are happy with anything to be honest.

Got Argos vouchers to use this weekend so need to decide!
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