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Found 20th Sep 2007

I am moving to an unfurnished(kitchen is fully fitted at least) property with 3 other friends. we were late in finding a place to live and got lucky to find a good property.

it comes unfurnished and we are terrified how expensive it will get. And if we buy now, we have to sell it later because we will all be off to placements. I am sure selling will be a lot of hassle too.

we are planning to goto Ikea but is there a cheaper solution ?

what about furniture rental service ?


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to me all the charity shops were really good for buying the furniture specially when u are a student.

FREECYCLE - there's always people wanting to get rid of old furniture on our local one.

if all else fails, do a local to postcode search on ebay - if you have access to a van you can get decent furniture for peanuts, there seems to be a very low resale price on most things and would be no worse then the kind of stuff you usually find in student housing - probably better. if in doubt buy some throws for over the old stuff so it seems new.
thats what i'd do anyhow

I second the freecycle suggestion, as long as you don't mind second hand stuff...it's free, and when it comes time for you to move on you don't have to worry about selling it to get your money back etc (would be cool to put it back on freecycle though, if it's still in good nick).

cold toast

if you have access to a van...

My sister once bought a console table on ebay that was collection only. It was all local to Glasgow, but NO-WAY was the table going to fit in her Mini Cooper.

Got round it by buying some cheap skirting board in B&Q and hiring one of their vans for an hour for £10. Cheaper than doing a whole day anywhere else... :thumbsup:

Make some flyers and post them through peoples doors in nearby streets (close enough to carry) saying anything considered and you can take it away.

Good advice here,
get good 2nd hand stuff

It might sound pedantic but get the living room/kitchen shared area furniture down on a inventory and get everyone to sign it.

To assume every tenant will be 100% honest and forthcoming would be very naive.

Same should apply to any electrical devices in living room/kitchen etc.

At our local re-cycling centre/tip, they filter out the stuff that can be re-used (tables/ chairs, mirrors etc) and put it off to one side away from the skips. You could always try...
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