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my mates and i have finished uni so we are getting a non-student house and it is the first un-furnished place we've got. None of us have any furniture so we are going to need loads:

we'll each needs double beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers and desks for the bedrooms. We'll also need 2 sofas and a coffee table for the lounge, and maybe table and chairs for the kitchen/dining room.

whats the best way to do this on the cheap? is it literally a case of just argosing everything or is there somewhere cheaper people know of? where ever we get it from is going to be making a pretty hefty sum.

also, anyone know of any discount codes for tesco direct or argos etc?!


ikea is always good for kitting out a house & they've got a sale on at the moment :thumbsup:

try your local freecycle .. we just give away 2 decent sofas on there so that kinda thing does come up!! if you dont mind second hand, else a trip to ikea?

FREECYCLE! Family will usually raid garages and find you all sorts - don't get new if you can void it, anything you get will be saturated in beer within a week, takeaway and peculiar, unidentifiable stickiness in two weeks and much worst in a month

Tesco's direct is good for bargain furniture ..
& BHS has a sale on at the moment for smaller items

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just looked on freecycle, never been on it before and it looks pretty good. some guy is giving away a bed frame and some lady is giving away all the furniture in her house! wow
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