Furniture for bedroom - discounts and ideas please

Found 4th May 2009
Hi, i'm looking for some furniture for my daughters room. previously we bought from ikea, but the drawers are now dropping to bits. I don't have a massive budget but want something decent and "fshionable". No pine.
Came across this the BED SHOP and liked the naples range

Can anyone suggest alternatives or indeed has anyone used this company - what is the qulaity like, do they offer discounts?

Any advice greatly appreciated. We did visit Barker and Stonehouse - lovely furniture just too pricey!
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whats wrong with pine? lol
Don't go to argos, went there to get my daughters furniture and it is falling to pieces already, it's about a month old. Wasn't there 'cheap' range either!

I like Ikea stuff and it is normally good value for money, go there again :thumbsup:
I'd agree with munnski about Ikea, perhaps you just got a dodgy batch, or was it their cheap range (sorry to be cheeky). We've had all our bedroom furniture from their, some of which is now 9yrs old and still going strong, the tops are pine so are a bit knocked but the actual structure is really sturdy still. We've since bought a huge chest of drawers around 2yrs ago and again this is really solid and wearing extremely well, perhaps worth another visit to Ikea and paying a bit more for the better quality.
I can't see past Ikea, I bought my sons 3 drawers units and they are full of dvd/cd and still in good shape after 2 years.
I've got two-door and three-door ash wardrobes with drawers from the Sable Island range. They seem to be built very well and seem pretty good value from ]Martell's of Sutton. Just enter "Sable Island" in the search box.

I don't expect them to ever fall apart. I chose these wardrobes because they are delivered partially flat-packed. The drawer bases are delivered in one piece, but the wardrobes above are flat-packed. This was necessary because they were going in our loft conversion and it's a tight squeeze up the stairs.
Try [url]www.bedsforall.co.uk[/url] they have some lovely solid furniture.

I like Corona range which Argos do sell but it is a lot cheaper from these guys.
thanks for all the advice guys. websites that i'd never seem before. i'll be adding them to my favourites
Do you have a 'Range' shop close to you? They have started stocking MFI bancruptcy stock and its going cheap :thumbsup:

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