furnitures for a new empty flat. we are moving my 1y old son, hubby and I at north finchley!

    Furniture (and maybe decor)
    The new flat we are going to live in is at north finchley, we only have a microwave, a tv and my son's cot bed.
    We ordered a bed for us including matress (will be delivered this weekend when we will move there)
    Does anyone know where can we found some nice
    wardrobe, coffee table, chairs, tv unit and sofa on bud and maybe a dinning table?
    Lot of money to spend at one time
    I am interested by ex displays eventually, if you know where I can get it it will be great (I checked the clearence/displays section at ikea , in vain ....) or any options that we help us to get it.
    We got the key and we are moving this Friday or maybe Saturday !
    Thanks for you help


    Try all the outlet stores on ebay ie argos/very ect there was a thread on here listing them all not so long ago
    Id also recommend having a look on studio they do have some great prices on furniture at times
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    Nice and cheap dont go together. However take a lot in B&m…ing where the prices are low and quality better that you might expect for the price. Or if you have a friend with a van ask on freecycle, people can be very generous to those setting up home.

    There may be deals around for Black Friday.

    good luck with the move

    Try local freecycle etc good luck with your move


    Try local freecycle etc good luck with your move

    Also local auctions boot fairs etc maybe get a few bargains

    Freegle is great for that! Good luck with the move Hope all goes smoothly!

    Not sure if you want new or what but have a look at local charity shops, they have some really nice furniture. I've always wanted to do a huge Ikea shop - their furniture looks really nice and goes well together.

    Having said that, I bought a pre-built chest of drawers from Argos, very nice build quality and looks great, goes well with my Corner desk I bought from Amazon!

    I hope you didn't buy a bed frame that uses slats of wood, they are such a waste of money. Buying a proper box spring is the way to go.

    there's is an auction house in Southgate that does furniture. never been so don't know much about it but seen it. something to look into maybe

    Check British Heart Foundation (BHF) furniture shops

    I think there's a few in N London


    Check British Heart Foundation (BHF) furniture shops I think there's a … Check British Heart Foundation (BHF) furniture shops I think there's a few in N London

    ​this ^^ we got a whole bedroom done for less than £150 from British heart foundation. all in very good condition.

    Don't you need a fridge?

    Original Poster


    Don't you need a fridge?

    Hello, well I didn't mention that he kitchen is fully equipped (used fridge+new washing machine)
    I haven't seen the flat yet (only some pics online) but my husband said the fridge seems to be old and a bit little around 1m40 tall. The one we got here is around 1m80.
    I have to check and try it.(_;)

    Try ikea good prices
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