Further, further to the Xbox live 1 month code fiasco....

    A 1 month CARD being sold by MS on

    Now does this count?


    in b4 it gets locked


    Thread closed - if you have a query with a previous MOD action please use the ]'contact us' link.

    The deal you linked to goes to US marketplace traders as well, plus I know memberships can be region coded as I was accidentally sold a 1 year US Gold membership code that wouldn't active on an existing UK live account & it was Microsoft that explained about the regional membership code when I queried it, so a US card probably wouldn't work with a UK account anyway.

    But as already stated MISC is not the correct way to discuss existing infractions / thread locks etc. Please use the proper contact channels. If you have a link to an approved UK company selling one month codes then attach the relevant information to the report. Thank you.

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