further orange san fransico help required

    Sorry to ask again

    When i turn on the phone after taking battery ut whilst holding down volume down i get a FTM logo in a greyish box

    what does this mean?

    Have tried to follow the guide at and posted on other forums with no joy

    thanks for any further help


    If it has the B10 firmware (if you've just bought a new one) then the 'hole' that let you boot into recovery has been closed.

    Read here for how to root…de/

    or here…ed/
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    Original Poster

    thanks steve

    i am completley lost have spent hours on websites like the two above and just ned up more confused

    does the FTM logo i have got somewere or not?

    Check which firmware you have.

    Menu, setting, about phone.

    If it's Build OUK_P729BV1.0.0B10 Then you can't get into fastboot/recovery mode by holding vol up and power on. The info in the second link above should get you somewhere.
    Both my SF are pre B10, so could just install clockwork and flash from there.
    I'll see if I can find a guide for flashing B10 somewhere. . .

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    mine has B08 AT END

    THANKS for help again

    No im pretty ssure I had this the first time I tried clockwork. Racking my brains to remember how I fixed it.
    Was it a white screen with FTM on one side in the middle or something. Gah. May have been that you need to do the whole installation of clockwork again, with that command prompt stuff when you plug the phone in and transfer the file over to SD card again. HTH.


    I think the first time it happend to me, may have not changed the name of the zip file properly? I remember you had to change it or something. Could be that. Or just attempt the guide at modaco again from scratch I would guess.
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    Original Poster

    thanks for all help

    i have tried starting again and get nowere really annoying this
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