Further Panasonic price reductions anyone?

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Found 2nd Jan 2009
Does anyone know if we can expect price reductions on 42/46 inch panasonics in the near future?
I missed out on the JL offer by seconds and the missed out on the dixons one with 50 off and free delivery because the bank decided to do a random security check and refused the payment till I phoned up and dixons web will not retry for payment you have to reorder and of course code expired...grrrr!
I am looking around for 499 th42px80 but can't find stock. Really like the 46z80 but is just a bit over budget.
Thanks for all the heads up on previous deals I am really grateful. it's been obsessivley fun.


fun ? fun!! cant believe I missed out on the Empire Direct deal....if all is well job-wise I think I may go for the RS deal of £550 for the TH42PX80B with 5 yr warranty...we can but wait & see what happens...

try a place called sound and vision in Bolton, Farnworth, they are a very reputable home cinema specialist, they usually do 8 pages of advertising in all the big home cinema mags, and they discount massively, especially on Panasonic as they import an a massive scale.

they even do Panasonic panels without any TV tuner inside, which brings the cost down Massively, so if you have sky, that acts as your TV Tuner.

Best way to do it.

S&V, although i have heard good things about them, are £50 more expensive than RS with "only" 3 years instore warranty, compared to 5 years at home warranty..

If you buy at littlewoods direct mail order the price is £599 use code xx133 for 10% discount delivery charge £4.95 total price £532 approx they also do buy now pay later you will find codes on hotukdeals

This may affect the whole market, and see large numbers of plasma screens SLASHED in price very soon : independent.co.uk/env…tml

wow.. i wouldn't stress though as I'd expect this 'phase out' to happen over a number of years... bring on OLED!

Prices are going UP The Sony KDL-40W4500 has been increased in price twice by Richer Sounds since Christmas. Before CHristmas it was £849.99 Then immediately after £899.99 and now it's £949.99. This is all down to the fact that the pound is worth damn all as foreign exchange. Expect anything that's imported to go up in price especially expensive items where the increases will be substantial.

exchange rates fluctuate and will affect FORWARD orders, but old stock like this wont be affected in terms on that. The EU directive will only really affect PLASMA not lcd as lcd traditionally is already in the right power consumption bracket. Having said that, the specs on a good panny hdready are pretty much in the zone for correct power consumption. The Bigger and Full HD tellys are much much higher.
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