Further steps notice for unknown person at address

Posted 27th Oct 2021
Just received a letter through the door to an unknown person, at first I thought they had posted it through the wrong letter box but it’s definitely our address. Well besides the postcode being a bit botched, it’s missing a number but typing in the postcode comes up with our street anyway. There was no return address on the envelope so I decided to look what it was, no mention of it being private and confidential or anything like that. It’s a further steps notice from the local magistrates court asking for £365. It’s got a date of birth and account number along with the persons name (whom I’ve never ever heard of, we’ve lived here 14 years and we know who the previous people to live here were too) it must be some kind of mixup but my question is what should I do? Do I just ignore it? Or should I write to them or something? I would of returned to the sender but like I mentioned there was no return address!
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