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Found 4th Jan 2008
Npower said wholesale energy prices for 2008 had increased from last year by 66% for electricity, and 60% for gas. (This is UTTER RUBBISH, wholesale energy prices have actually reduced in the last few months!!)

However, its price rises have already been condemned by independent consumer watchdog Energywatch.

"If this is the shape of things to come over the next few months, we are going to see hundreds of thousands of consumers wonder how they can afford to keep their homes warm," said Energywatch spokesman Karl Brookes. ( Nice one Karl, shame your organisation can only stamp their feet in protest like all the other Government appointed Watchdogs!!!)

Yeah! Funny how price rises only kick in at a time when we are all using the maximum amounts of energy isn't it?? Global warming.....BRING IT ON I SAY!!


I became an NPower customer just a few months back for both gas and electricity. Big mistake. I can't afford these huge increases. Intend to change new supplier. Which supplier is putting up its prices next?

i know we're talking about power here but down to basics, it all sounds so depressing i am gonna have to get a bicycle to get to work ... public transport is pants. even india with its vast railway network, cheap fares seems far more reliable than a top world economy like the UK ... what's wrong with this picture?
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