Futurama Sink

Found 23rd Jun 2008
Rolling Ball Controls Water Flow & Temperature Smith Newman's Sink

This faucet belongs in Futurama home. It totally changes the way hot and cold water are mixed and controlled. Get this: you move the ball in or out to control the flow and pressure. Moving the ball left or right controls the temperature. The whole surface lights up to give you a visual clue as to the temperature of the water.
Designer: Smith Newnam & Touch 360 Studio

now why didn't anyone think of this before?
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And check this one one ...
Luxury bathroom faucet by Teknobili - Oz Diamond Edition faucet made from pure Gold

The Oz Diamond Edition bathroom faucet from Teknobili has just arrived. Designed by the architect Nilo Gioacchini, the Oz collection faucets have been reproduced (with a very special twist) by Professor Alberto Cotogno.
Winner of the International jewel Oscar, the professor has created a work of art entirely in gold. Encrusted with a generous, dashing line of 282 natural diamonds, the Oz Diamond Edition faucet is strictly for those with the taste and means to enjoy such an exclusive pleasure.

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--- dont know what happened to the post/thread. it went into time warp and disappeared!!
deja vu. love the sink
Very cool looking sink I have to say although from a practical point of view I think current sink design is better with a single tap - the more you raise it the more pressure, left for hot and right for cold.

It's a cool sink and tap- but I bet it's a cool price too...:?

No word on price or availability yet, but hope to see this product hit the market soon. We also hope they’ve got a kitchen sink in the works.
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