FYI: I aint wearing the moleskins.

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Found 13th Nov 2008

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im goin bed now peace x

just a pic of your legs will do! x

Glad you took my advice about the jelly + ice cream........

kool mane how are yas?

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kool mane how are yas?

yeah im well brah, how are you dude

Sup BG1. Whats Happening ? Play you FIFA 09

FYI - neither am I

FYI no one cares!!

black gerbil1;3455431

yeah im well brah, how are you dude

im good man, we gonna play some gow when i get it?

Life changing thread mane!!

FYI: Hugo Boss is soooooooooo out! :thumbsup: wouldnt want you making a faux pas!!

Probably shrunk in the wash.
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