G-Star Jeans

    Can anyone recommend some decent sites selling genuine G-Star jeans?


    house of frasier sell them, bout 60 quid are th cheapest if i member

    id wait a couple of months

    g star will be the next ralph lauren soon

    no one will want it

    USC you can get 20% off RRP if you purchase on a Thursday with your student card.

    why wait till they go out of fasion to get them cheaper because then he wont want them what a stupid thing to say the man wants them now to keep up with the latest trends! i have got my g - star clothing from usc , republic , the g-star shop in the metro center newcastle or ebay if u search proppley ul get the right thing you want but if there fakes or not they dont go for cheap even on ebay! hope that has helped.

    Much cheaper and many more styles in Europe if you're going on a booze run anytime soon, use the search function, there have been threads about g-star prices MANY times before- a popular brand!

    Gstar being like Ralph Lauren in stupid, rl are sold on the name, you can get the same cut in Tescos for a fiver, but gstar have unique tailoring and are MASSIVE abroad.

    Note the OP didn't ask where to get them cheap, so i'd recommend the USC or Fraser ideas. I've got two pairs, two different styles, they fit very differently- trying them on is prob the best idea.

    alrite, calm down dear

    why would you want to wear jeans that everyone else wears

    try ebay mabye,if you can spot the fakes

    try ]here

    republic currently got a sale there, not the greatest items but each to there own, got some g star shorts for a tenner.

    cant belive the guy who said wait till they are the next ralph lauren. why wait lol.

    def watch out for fakes on ebay, although i have bought geniune gstar tshirts for 10 quid off ebay. and i know they are genuine as i used to work in republic covering the gstar section


    plenty on there, and always updated with the latest styles

    happy shopping
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