G tech or dyson?

Found 26th Jan
Are g tech vacuums any good or shall I stick with dyson?
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Dyson! without a doubt
I Second dyson, nothing else comes remotely close. Just cheaper.
Are you asking dyson cordless and gtech cordless? My neighbour has a gtech and she raves about it. My cordless dyson is only good while it has the motorised head attached otherwise the suction is poor. But with the motorised head it is great. Does push larger bits around rather than pick it up but gets into all the little spaces which the gtech doesn't do.
In laws have the Gram and love it. We have the Dyson and love it.
15 years of Dyson and before Christmas got a Shark vacuum from Costco - couldn't believe how much better it was than the Dyson(s), the attachments, the lift away functionality (feels like a cordless), and it pulled up twice the amount of dust/etc. Well worth a look I'd say.
I have a hand held Dyson, not over joyed with it. Bought a Gtech and its great but it does not have the versatility as its only good for floors. Just bought a Shark from QVC which was on offer and i have to say this is the best hands down
Moved from Dyson to a cheap Vax when the Dyson burned out last year. Lighter, Quieter, a quarter of the price and vacuums just as well. Dont only look at teh expensive brands.
I have the dyson Cordless, its great, I only ever hear good things about the Gtech, a customer of mine had had both and said the Gtech was far superior.
We have just got a Shark after over a decade of Dyson. Would rate the Shark higher. Picks up so much more.
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