G1 Generation 1 Transformers Collection Re-issue - to sell or not to sell?

    Hi there,

    are there many people in HUKD that buys/collect transformers toys? I spent about 7 years collecting the G1 Transformers Re-issues and Macross Re-issues, and am thinking about getting rid of them. Was just seeing if there are many interests here before I post anything up. Any comments would be of great help, thanks for reading!


    Transformers are great sellers! You should put some pics and prices on, You may get collectors interested!


    Watch the movie "40 year old virgin" and then decide.....hehe

    Lots of demand for Transformers at the moment. what have you got and prices?

    I wouldrecommend waiting until Transformers 3 next year before selling.

    Come on post some pics I have quite a few G1 & G2 from when i was a kid all boxed and looked after, and also have bought somemore in the last 10 years to equal up the warring factions (as it does not look right set up for a big battle on shelf most are on lol

    Nice collection - a few quids worth there. I'd love to buy all the reissues but i haven't got the money at the moment. I would be interested in Hotrod reissue if you were selling
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